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Stool Bus

Stool Bus, LLC

Mailing:  PO Box 574

Physical:  USHwy 60 @ CR 603

​PIE TOWN, NM 87827
Phone:  575.772.2718

Email:  StoolMaster@StoolBus.com

The Original 

​​​​​​Your truck...?

​            Your name...?

          Your number...?​

At a glance, what do people Remember ?

​    ​​If you're driving the local Stool Bus,

  they can't forget it...it's stuck in their minds!


The Stool Bus   is a brand...a Trademarked brand.  It's an identity...your identity.  And it won't be forgotten, lost or left in a drawer somewhere... no Rolodex necessary, it just keeps spinning around in people's heads.


And when they need it most, they remember you!

Moving down the road, we think you'll see a lot more Stool Bus    'STOPS' in your future... that is, if you choose to become a part of the Stool Bus    Family of Septic Service Providers.  We hope to hear from you SOON!



Email:  StoolMaster@StoolBus.com    OR Call   575.772.2718



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